Fjelluka dag 4 H60 (11/07/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Killingnuten
Distance: 3.65 km
Time: 29:15
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 182

Last race of the series and this time my missing preparations really showed: I pressed as hard as possible the 45-50 m of wet marsh climb to #1, won that split and managed to keep my concentration to the much more difficult #2, but then I mentally collapsed in the open marshland towards #3: I probably had a bad compass direction as well, but in combination with the new cabin development area I totally forgot to look at the streams and contour detail and ended up standing in the middle of the marsh for at least a minute. I lost 2 min (and the race) to Sigurd D here. :-(

Trying to be cute to #4 I wanted to follow the indistinct path, but with recent branch and wind-fall, it was far less runnable than the open area below, I lost 40 sec to Petter Gullikstad on this split.

I lost another 25 sec to #5, this control was a bit misplaced, about one contour too far down.

Up to #6 it was obviously possible to miss, I took a very careful compass bearing and checked the distance to the huge boulder when I spotted it just over halfway up the hillside. This was my second split win today so the other runners must have been nearly as tired as I was.

Similar tactics to #7, but due to the big cliff behind it, this one was far eaiser to locate.

Easy but steep downhill to the finish.
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Fjelluka dag 4 H60 (11/07/2021) Fjelluka dag 4 H60 (11/07/2021)