Fjelluka dag 3 H60 (10/07/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Svarthyll
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 45:09
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 191

Another good race with minimal mistakes, but my horrible running shape is catching up to me, as I expected/feared.

Very easy to #1, just setting up for the main route choice leg.

I am very happy with my route and execution to #2 where I minimized both climb and green stripes while running minimal extra distance. I won the split clearly and lead the race, 7 seconds ahead of Sigurd D at this point.

The marsh towards #3 was very wet and I struggled all the way, I also hesitated 5 sec inside the circle when I didn't spot the flag when I expected to do so. 21 sec behind Sigurd dropped me down to 2nd place.

The leg to #4 was won by Petter Gullikstad who came third in the two previous races, but I was only 8 sec behind him and still in second place.

I missed the river crossing point to #5 but that does not explaion the 30 sec I was behind Sigurd here, he just runs much stronger than me in the marshes.

Good execution to #6 where I even managed to run part of the final uphill, gained back a little time.

#7 was the really scary control, I knew that the fastest option would have been to run flat or even slightly downhill to the end of the open marsh with the ski track, SW of the control, then up the hillside past the boulder.

I was too afraid of not spotting the boulder and I expected the depression to be effectively invisible except from above, so I intentionally aimed a bit uphill, touched both cliffs above the control and had a perfect attack point, but I lost over 1.5 minutes on this split, and I was also passed by Petter, finishing almost two minutes behind Sigurd today.
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Fjelluka dag 3 H60 (10/07/2021) Fjelluka dag 3 H60 (10/07/2021)