Fjelluka dag 2 H60 (09/07/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bjåli
Distance: 4.6 km
Time: 36:25
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 185
Tracking on

Very satisfied today, no major mistakes and top-3 splits to all controls except #4 & #13:

Started well but misread the exact control position and entered the reentrant 10 m too far SE, lost 3 seconds to Sigurd Dæhli who came second today as well.

Won the split to #2 by hald a minute with an optimal route and good execution, I lead the race from this point.

Another very good route and execution to #3, at this point I was already leading by nearly a minute.

I did not find the correct route out of #3, ran in quite dense green and lost 19 s to the best split to #4.

#5 was obviously very dangerous, particularly when I did not spot the boulder halfway but decided that my course was correct and just kept on. Lost 2-3 seconds within 10m from the control when I did not see it behind a dense mountain spruce.

#6 was my first real mistake, I thought I passed the marsh closer to the open knoll and expected to see the control ikn front of me but had to turn left since that was the only possible way I could have missed. Lost 10 sec.

OK to #7, hit the bridge even though the two ponds had moved slightly further north-west than shown on the map.

I knew I had to run around to #8, the path was much longer than indicated on the map, so it was a mistake to leave it for 30-40 m halfway! I did not spot the control inside the ring, I first found a just too small boulder inside the green. Lost 20 s on this leg.

Adrenalin-fueled sprints to the next controls (#9, 10 & 11) increased my lead to 3 minutes.

I should have gone down & straight north instead of climbing out of #11, but still ran an OK leg.

I made a stupid mistake towards #13, tried to save elevation out of #12 and struggled through thigh-high growth on all the yellow open, same as I had just experienced towards #12. I lost 13 s to Sigurd here!
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Fjelluka dag 2 H60 (09/07/2021) Fjelluka dag 2 H60 (09/07/2021)