Fjelluka dag 1 H60 (08/07/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Killingnuten
Distance: 3.82 km
Time: 29:15
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 166
Livelox here:

Mostly OK, I was leading almost the entire race, from control #2 to the finish except for #10 where I was 3 seconds behind Sigurd Dæhli who came second in the race.

My routes and execution were mostly quite good, but I only won two of the splits, while my worst split time was to that control 10 which was slightly misplaced, i.e. I had to climb (walk) one or two contours higher than indicated on the map.

I lost 30 sec to #8 because I misread the index contour nose halfway as the small dot knoll near the direct line, so when I spotted a control slightly below me I ran down to it, then I had to figure out where I was before running up to the real location.
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Fjelluka dag 1 H60 (08/07/2021) Fjelluka dag 1 H60 (08/07/2021)