FSK Fokusløp 3 (14/05/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Rekustad Skole
Distance: 5.58 km
Time: 47:47
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 170
1 min on #1 where I thought the knoll NE of the circle looked to be so open that it had to be yellow.

Mostly trivial transport to #2, except that my running shape is even worse than earlier this spring. Hopefully it is mostly the pollen.

OK route to #3 where I hit the opening between the cliffs where I intended, then the ride was quite overgrown, I even lost it just before I hit the big path.

I lost another minute on 4 because I thought I ran just north of the medium/light green boundary when in reality I was climbing up just north of the green stripes.

Good flow to #5, then I tried to follow the rock slabs towards #6 but when they led me a bit further down than intended the distinct green boundary made it easy to correct.

I think my route to #7 was close to optimal, and the same to #8.

Just path running to the last control and finish, except that some of the green stripe vegetation had been cut down and made the path invisible.
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FSK Fokusløp 3 (14/05/2021) FSK Fokusløp 3 (14/05/2021)