FSK Training (07/05/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kråkerøy - Lunde Skole
Distance: 5.41 km
Time: 47:45
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 177
Another week, another nice training race organized by FSK!
I ran OK to #1 & 2, then I had a good route to #3, but could not locate the flag. It is possible that it was slightly misplaced, just underneath the control circle at 7 o'clock.
I had a bad direction towards #4, plus I allowed myself to drop too far downhill, I probablu last 30-45 s.
Good flow to #5, crossed the path and identified the marshes.
Ran directly out to the path to get to #6, but here I should have climbed up from the path to be safe: I read the map as clearly indicating the rock quarry to be well below the top of the hill, but in reality it was over the shoulder. Lost almost a minute here!
I ran pretty much straight towards #7, with no real plan for how to attack it so when I passed just above the control reentrant I turned left, recovered when I saw the boulder further down and found it. 45 s?
OK to #8 except for a few seconds hesitation inside the open yellow (rock slabs) when I could not see the control feature.
OK to #9, 10 & 11, then I ran on the north side of the dense green to #12 and had to turn back up the hill. A more direct course from the previous control would have been ~20 s faster?
My route to #13 was very easy to execute, but the climb up between the cliffs at the end of the field was so slow that it would probably have been faster to take the path to the right of the field.
I started going direct to the last control but when I noticed that it uses the "cultivated field" symbol which is by default out of bounds in Norway, I ran around on the paths.
Total time loss 3+ minutes?
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FSK Training (07/05/2021) FSK Training (07/05/2021)