Kjentmannspost 47 & 49 (04/05/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: MapAnt - Ytre Enebakk
Distance: 8.21 km
Time: 163:27
Average HR: 106
Maximum HR: 155
Nice hike in full compliance with current Covid regulations: 2 totally separate groups of 7 and 6 people, we started before the second group arrived at the school yard parking lot.

2.6 km and about 35 min to KP47, then a few minutes break to take photos, enter the control codes in the book etc. before we moved on by a little less than km to where we had a food break. As we were packing up here the second group arrived and sat down on another small hill about 20 m from us (who were of course maintaining at least 2m distance at all times).
We then went on another 1.7 km to KP49, easy paths except for the last hillside which was littered with huge windfalls.
After we had finished with this last control we split into two groups where Tone & I took the flat route directly back to our car and the rest climbed up on top of the hill to get a more challenging route back.
We used a total time of 2:43 and covered 8.2 km, without getting wet since the rain that had been forecast never turned up. :-)
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Kjentmannspost 47 & 49 (04/05/2021) Kjentmannspost 47 & 49 (04/05/2021)