Blåveissprinten (25/04/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Trondalen
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 4.26 km
Time: 38:50
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 179
FSK used the courses that should have been used for their traditional season-opener race, Blåveissprinten, as an internal training event for the junior runners. This was open for all others outside the junior race time so I used it to check how rusty I am at this point.

Just to make it even more challenging I had forgotten my compass which made it very difficult to keep the direction on a cloudy day.

A bit insecure into #1, but I recovered quickly.

OK route and execution to #2: I ended up slightly too far left into the control but still close enough to spot the flag through the dense vegetation.

OK to #3, except that when I hit the first path I started right 10-15 m before changing my mind and going left instead. I think the control was easier to find from that side.

To #4 I intentionally ran through #7 since that looked like a good route and should make it easier to find it on my way back.

I had problems into #5, could not really read the map properly to determine which way the cliff would face. 15-30 s lost here.

Leaving #5 I made a horrible parallel mistake, thinking I was under the #6 cliff instead and started to orienteer from there. The first hill and then the path fir mostly OK, except I thought I should have spotted the stream, then when I crossed the flat, slightly wet area I though I was too far left, but then absolutely nothing would fit where I thought I had to be. I decided I had to keep going NW (without a compass, so mostly uphill, and that's when I hit the big path just as it crosses a green ditch. This was such a unique combination that I managed to recover and then I promptly ran too far uphill looking for the huge boulder and lost another minute. It would have been far faster to do it correctly, i.e. visit #6 first!

Good flow to #8, OK to #9 except that I passed a marginal boulder which I thought had to be the one just before the control, but at that point I was about 20m too far north.

OK route to #10, but here as well I had issues with direction.

Good contour running down to #11, then I decided to avoid the boring path/road alternative to the last control.
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Blåveissprinten (25/04/2021) Blåveissprinten (25/04/2021)