Oslo City Cup #1 (08/04/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Manglerud
Distance: 3.24 km
Time: 26:34
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 177
(Due to wave 3 of Covid this race was organized as an individual free start training, with small control flags and no punching, livelox tracking used to compare runs.)

First proper tempo race this year and I'm seriously rusty. I am also anemic due to recently giving blood, but my mental collapse from 8 to 9 still cannot be excused:

I passed #13, made a note of where that was located for when I was returning to it, but then I started to orienteer along the connecting line to #14 and made it halfway to #15 before I realized my mistake!
About 2-2.5 min lost!
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Oslo City Cup #1 (08/04/2021) Oslo City Cup #1 (08/04/2021)