Tyrving Winter Corona Cup #6 (02/03/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veritas
Organiser: Ivar Lundanes
Distance: 3.07 km
Time: 25:32
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 170
Another Covid-safe traning race organized by Tyrving/Ivar Lundanes.
Conditions were really nice, with +9C, so a _lot_ warmer than the previous race in the same terrain. Looking at my track log here I realized that this deserves an MP, I fogot to run via #15, instead taking a direct line from 14 to 16! :-(
I do remember how I was very surprised when I hit the earth bank so low, I though I was running along the higher path which starts near #15.

I had to fix a technical problem (no elastic in my tights!) between 10 & 11, but the worst control was #21 where the low afternoon sun was directly in my face & running glasses, so I just ran past both the marker and the cliff formation.
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Tyrving Winter Corona Cup #6 (02/03/2021) Tyrving Winter Corona Cup #6 (02/03/2021)