Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup #3 (22/01/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Dæliskogen
Organiser: Ivar Lundanes
Distance: 3.57 km
Time: 31:53
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 162
Another Covid-safe night race by Tyrving, except that today the weather forecast was horrible for the evening but an hour or two with less intense freezing rain, so I ran this one in the daytime between two (video) meetings.
I lost some time because the reflex markers were far harder to spot than last week when we ran a slightly overlapping course with this one, my largest time loss here was on #9, but this din't really matter becasue I ran two really bad route choices in a row: First from 5 to 6 where I should have gone right around underneath the control, this cost me about half a minute, but then I made a far worse mistake when I changed my original plan due to some windfall down the final gully to the control: Instead of turning around and go back up the same way, I took the long way around to the right and underneath the main road, this was in fact about 1.5 minutes slower than the gradual climb and shorter route to the left.
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Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup #3 (22/01/2021) Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup #3 (22/01/2021)