Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup (09/01/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veritas
Organiser: Ivar Lundanes
Distance: 3.32 km
Time: 27:28
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 186
Ran late Saturday night in -7 C, very nice conditions in the forest but due to the cold I did not push the pace in any of the uphills. Made a big mistake on #11 where I first changed my mind about the route (started going down to the road but decided that this was too boring, then while running over the top of the hills I first took the exit right towards the stairs, discovered this, then I failed to see where the indisitnct path should start and finally when I cut down to the control I failed to spot the reflex from less than 8m away!

It is possible that I cut down the hillside towards #8 too soon when I spotted the reflex: Looking at my gps track this _might_ have been one of the several extra markers in the forest.
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Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup (09/01/2021) Tyrvings Winter Corona Cup (09/01/2021)