Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 1 (18/07/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Silkedalen
Organiser: Porsgrunn O-Lag
Distance: 6.72 km
Time: 60:22
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 179
Horrible shape and equally bad weather: Heavy rain & fog gave almost no visibility so I neded to check my compass continously.
The first control was my only good one, but having started at my usual pace, I had to pay for that the rest of the course. No real mistakes anywhere, possibly excepting the last part to #4 where I had hoped to be able to contour along the hillside but the bushes and low mountain birch made that a non-starter so I had to drop down into the valley. Taking the valley at once or following the path over the hills could have been better.
I did lose 1-2 min just running down the alpine slope to the last two controls and the finish line. :-(
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Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 1 (18/07/2020) Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 1 (18/07/2020)