Sørkedalskarusellen 3 (17/06/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tangenåsen
Distance: 5.94 km
Time: 51:52
Sigbjørn Modalsli recommended the Long course for this race, so I did that even though it was longer than my normal race length. OTOH, since this was my first proper competition since the start of Covid-19 3 months ago, I was very happy.

The race was organized with EMIT EmiTag touchfree punching to avoid all risk of virus contamination of the normal EMIT units, so this was also the first properly timed race since March.

I orienteered very well indeed but my physical shape is still abysmal, I used nearly 10 min/km and would have been at least a minute faster in my normal end of spring season shape.

OTOH I was very happy with the final result, #15 out of nearly 90 competitors and all the people who beat me are younger than me, most of them by several decades.
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Sørkedalskarusellen 3 (17/06/2020) Sørkedalskarusellen 3 (17/06/2020)