Veritas Night-O (11/12/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kalvøya
Distance: 5.56 km
Time: 44:22
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 190
Last Night-O race of the Veritas season, ran with my son all the way because he had forgotten his EMIT card. This might have slowed me down slightly, but nothing significant.

I lost a total of 4+ minutes in the area around control #9, mainly because by the time Fredrik & I arrived, there was no reflex or EMIT marker there: Either it was misplaced (since Livelox shows clearly that we hit the correct path junction on our first try), or somebody stole it just before we came there as the last starters of the event.

Conditions were partly (maybe a km?) very nice with snow-free runnable forest, the rest was more or less completely ice-covered, so our metal-studded shoes were a critical requirement.

A big Thank You to Veritas and all the organizers this fall season!
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Veritas Night-O (11/12/2019) Veritas Night-O (11/12/2019)