WOC Public race 5 H60 (16/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mørk
Distance: 3.87 km
Time: 34:11
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 177
I ran Night Hawk while sick, then I got injured as well during that race, so this was the only WOC public race I attended:

I managed to ignore the heel & ankle pain and keep my concentration to the first two controls, but then it all fell apart.

I intended to aim a bit right to #3 to make sure I didn't run past it, but overdid it and lost 20+ seconds.

#4 was easy and downhill, so not too bad, but past this point I was so tired and my left ankle was complaining too much, so now I started to run along any tracks I could see, just hoping they would lead me in the right direction. This is never a good idea and here I lost 2.5 min to #5 and 1.5 min to #6.

Towards #7 I was mostly walking all the way to the top of the hill, then the path & open yellow provided a very easy approach.

I would normally have gone straight to #8 but took the light green valley instead since that was a patch of planted spruce with very little ground cover, so easier running with my bad foot. Leaving that valley I did not adjust my course enough so I ended up climbing over the last hill which also made the control much harder to hit correctly.

Mostly transport to the last 3 controls. The most interesting part here was that it allowed us to visit the area Olav Lundanes and Gustav Bergman passed through on the first long leg of the Long distance WOC race. The best route choice was of course the one taken by Kasper Fosser which went through today's start.
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WOC Public race 5 H60 (16/08/2019) WOC Public race 5 H60 (16/08/2019)