WOC Test race - D21 Norway course (07/07/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Guttersrød
Distance: 4.98 km
Time: 45:37
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 171
I ran through the D21 course an hour after the last lady, this meant that I got a severe rain storm just before I started which meant that my stud-less shoes had grip problems and my glasses got so wet that I had problems reading the map.

After a 40+ sec time loss to #2 I realized that I had to stand almost still in order to be able to read the map, so from then on I sort of ran with the hand brake on, finishing 10+ min behind the fastest ladies. Even with the same dry conditions I would probably have been at least 5 min behind, possibly 6 or 7: Those ladies are pretty tough! :-)

It was a nice area with a lot of orienteering, the most interesting leg was probably to #12 where I climbed up several "impassable" cliffs, particularly the last one was into rock climbing grades. :-) My original plan was to go around to the left, that was almost certainly faster.
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WOC Test race - D21 Norway course (07/07/2019) WOC Test race - D21 Norway course (07/07/2019)