O-Festivalen H60 Long (30/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vestmarka/Larvik
Distance: 6.13 km
Time: 46:39
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 189
I always try to win the first split but today that might have been my worst control: I changed my mind about the route to take several times while running to the start triangle, when I passed it my plan was still to go right, but then I decided to go straight instead. However, since I had already gone a bit NE this landed me directly in the dense & wet green. After getting out of this I hit it perfectly but the initial indecision might have caused a 10-20s time loss.

EDIT: According to the split times I was in 4th place here, only 8 s behind Karl Aasmund Erøy.

I looked for a straighter option to #2 but decided I had to go all the way around. The slight hesitation meant that Arve Glittum, who took 2nd place today, beat me by 9 s here and I was still in 4th place, now just 6 s behind.

I took the shortest possible route to #3, the open yellow had quite a bit of logging residue, enough that I would have accepted it if everything had been covered with open green stripes. This was my first split win and I lead the race from this point.

Good flow to #4 & 5, then a little hesitation towards #6 (lost 5 s).

I considered several options towards #6 but had decided while running to #3 that I would start by getting down SE to the same path I used there. Now I used the path and road running to carefully consider all the options before deciding that the straightest route had to be pretty good. The end of the long cliff provided a perfect attack point to cross the final valley, climb over the ridge and drop down directly on top of the control.

I planned to cut over the final ridge to #8 but when I saw how steep the hillside was I decided to go all the way around. Made a 5s wobble into the control because the cliffs were impossible to spot from the road.

Easy route, pure running to #9. This is where Arne Johannesen (#2 yesterday) proved what a strong runner he is: He beat me by 45 s and I still had the 2nd best split, with a significant gap down to Nils Hæstad (winner of the sprint on Friday) in 3rd.

I had some luck to #10 by hitting the best opening in the green down to the road, then I attacked via the huge boulder on the east shoulder of the hill since this gave me the least amount of climbing. I beat most of the top-10 finishers by nearly a minute here.

Some hesitation to #11 while I made absolutely sure that the control knoll was in fact just alongside the path (even with 1:7500 the map was hard to read here), then just a repeat of the last control and finish line from yesterday.
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O-Festivalen H60 Long (30/06/2019) O-Festivalen H60 Long (30/06/2019)