Veritas Sommerløp (26/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grinda
Distance: 4.29 km
Time: 30:06
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 173
Tried to use this race as a high intensity session before O-Festivalen this coming weekend, so I intentionally pushed hard enough to make my orienteering borderline.

I lost about 45 sec on the first control, mostly due to the map not matching the current terrain a few years after logging operations, but the special detail is not the same as shown on the map, the control was located near the left edge of the circle.

Perfect to #2, 3 & 4. #4 was the only split I won in this race which does not have classes, just courses.

Bad direction running to #5, I intended to hit the path near the top but my track shows that I could just as welll have taken the paths all the way around. The flag was located quite far north on the cliff so I hesitated 5-10 sec before I spotted it.

OK to #6 but I still lost 20 sec to Kjell Markset who must have found a very nice line here.

#7 was a bad mistake: I read the map as having the control on a cliff, so I looked up instead of seeing the flag on the boulder which I passed right by. Lost 50 sec here.

Good flow to the final 3 controls and the finish line. I ended up in second place, 17 sec behind Bjørn Anders Flågen and 37 sec in front of Kjell.
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Veritas Sommerløp (26/06/2019) Veritas Sommerløp (26/06/2019)