OBIK P13 (25/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ringnesmarka
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 4.33 km
Time: 42:35
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 162
Good start to #1, run to where the ridge starts to go down, then cross the valley and climb up between the cliffs before contouring into the control.

The plan to #2 was to contour to the cliff and boulders, the attack the control via the open yellow patches, but the initial (light green) vegetation was so dense that I went up the hill a bit trying to avoid the worst. I did not spot the boulder which my track shows that I passed very closely, so after crossing the slash and the sharp reentrant I did not know exactly how far up the hill I was and the yellow "bomb raster" semi open was hard to determine in the terrain. I stopped and did a bit of searching before I spotted the flag, I probably lost about half a minute here.

Compass bearing to #3.

Bearing, path & contours to #4, and then the same approach to #5 which was very easy as soon as I saw the saddle opening between the two index knolls, leading me directly to the flag.

Similar plan to #6: Follow a bearing with a small right bend to allow the ridges to lead me all the way.

I wanted to avoid the green stripe slash to #7 so I ran up the long reentrant, then crossed over the two paths in the semi-open so that I would hit the opening north of the long impassable cliff, then a compass bearing which let me hit the boulder perfectly. I looked for and saw the boulder about 25-30 to my left as I crossed the final valley.

Contour running to #8

#9 was my worst control, the green down into the valley was quite dense so instead of keeping to my bearing I just looked for the easiest passage and ended up too far south, then I did not correct enough for this. Lost about 40 sec here to the best split.

Nice course in a for me totally virgin terrain, it would have been even better without the cold rain that came down all afternoon.
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OBIK P13 (25/06/2019) OBIK P13 (25/06/2019)