OBIK P10 (11/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rælingen
Organiser: Østmarka OK
Distance: 4.85 km
Time: 39:32
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 189
I took this race as a recovery event after the competition in Kongsberg yesterday: Steady orienteering but no pushing the speed.

I tried to look for a straight option to #1, would probably have done so if in normal running shape, but today going around seemed the best option.

I debated following the path all the way to the junction where I came out towards #3, but the forest seemed OK so I cut over the knolls, probably no time win or loss.

OK to #3, 4 & 5.

The light green marsh underneath the cliff was much denser than expected, so it would have been faster to climb up from #5 and go over the knoll to the path, but this was not obvious from the map.

The run to #7 was basically just a matter of keeping all the mapped and sometimes unmapped paths straight, I used the contours and my compass to keep on the right track.

Very easy to #8.

On a normal June I would have gone straight to #9, but this year we have had twice as much rain as usual so everything is very wet. I therefore took the safe&dry route around.

To #10 it would be flattter to go left but also wetter. I decided to go straight over the top because that also made the control much easier.

I could have looked for the path between the road and the ski track to the last control but cut across instead, this probably didn't make much if any difference.

So basically very close to perfect orienteering, partly enabled by a ~10% reduction in running speed.
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OBIK P10 (11/06/2019) OBIK P10 (11/06/2019)