Pinseløpet dag 3 - H60 (10/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lurdalen
Organiser: Kongsberg
Distance: 4.66 km
Time: 39:34
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 183
This race went more or less as planned/expected: I managed a pretty much error-free race except for getting stuck between the cliffs down to the last control, that was by far my worst split.

OK to #1, second best split.

Very good flow to #2: Started by aiming for the path junction and hit it absolutely perfect, less than 2m to the right so that I could use the right-hand path to cross the stream. After eaving the path I just used the contours to find the reentrant with the marsh (which was more or less invisible!) and on to the control. This was my only split win, at this point I lead the race 21 s in front of my brother Knut.

To #3 I took the safe option via the path, Knut ran straight and beat me by 16 s so here my lead was reduced to just 5 s.

Towards #4 I had the same orienteering flow as to #2, but at this point my bad running shape reduced my speed significantly, Knut was 21 s faster and took over the lead, keeping it for the rest of the race.

I planned to go slightly right to #5 but when I saw the valley with the boulders underneath the cliffs I climbed up above instead. This was probably a bad choice and caused my second-worst split placement.

I ran the leg to #6 pretty much exactly as planned, but lost nearly a minute to Knut even though he made a small mistake into the control.

OK to #7 but some hesitations in the beginning and end of the leg, 25 s behind Knut.

Down to the last control I started out OK but then I turned too far left/south both above the first big cliff and from the path down to the bottom. On the race map the path leading SE-to-NW towards the bridge to the last control was completely covered by the connecting line, this made the orienteering unneccesarily complicated. :-)

Final result was Knut in front (by 2:43) and Øyvind Roger Hansen (who won yesterday's race and who I had passed between 2 & 3) 2:40 behind me in 3rd.
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Pinseløpet dag 3 - H60 (10/06/2019) Pinseløpet dag 3 - H60 (10/06/2019)