Peak-to-peak xc trip in Rauland (19/04/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Silkedalen
Distance: 17.21 km
Time: 180:09
Average HR: 89
Maximum HR: 129
Today I followed the main ski trail into Silkedalen, then decided that I needed a bit more solitude and decided to try to visit all the peaks on the west side of the valley. With the current crust conditions I could mostly ski anywhere, except close to the hilltops where I had to hunt for the remaining patches of snow, trying to stitch them together. I did have to take my skis off and carry them about 10 times. For a solid week now this has been one of the very best Easter mountain celebrations I can remember. :-)
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tophat jr : Nice route brother!
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Peak-to-peak xc trip in Rauland (19/04/2019) Peak-to-peak xc trip in Rauland (19/04/2019)