Asker Gate-O (21/03/2019)
Category: Competition
Distance: 6.87 km
Time: 48:04
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 194
OK to #1 & 2, to #3 it was faster to run around the large building instead of climbing through the piles of snow.

Transport to #4, then I had a technical issue to #5 (1.5 min?) but I also lost time near the end due to a really bad route choice up the hill in the current conditions.

OK routes and execution to 6-10, then on the big route choice to #11 I changed my mind several times while running towards #10, and then again after starting on the leftmost route over the top. This was the longest option but the least climb and all the snowy paths were downhill. I still lost 15-30 s.

I should have gone right instead of left to #12, it was located so far downhill, then I did not see the pedestrian bridge to #13 and ran slightly longer.

#14 was intentionally placed on the wrong side of the street due to construction work, here I needed help from another runner to find the flag.

#15 was a stupid mistake, I did not read the description so I didn't understand that the control was on the upper level. 15s?

The final controls were OK, I passed Harald Hovi by the last control and won our H60 class.
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Asker Gate-O (21/03/2019) Asker Gate-O (21/03/2019)