Wessex Night League (14/01/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Black Dam & Crabtre
Organiser: BADO
Distance: 8 km
Time: 49:56
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 183
Nice score-O night run while on a business trip:

I got 25 of the 29 available controls but misjudged my time quite badly since I had more than 10 minutes to spare before the 60 min max time, i.e. I should have taken all the controls, or at least the three I missed to the east by turning back too soon. In my defence we ran on a map which was printed on both sides so it was a bit hard to judge how far it was back to the finish when I passed 125 after 34 minutes.

I lost time on 115 (extra reflex marker left in the forest 10-15 m past the control) probably 15-20 s. On 114 I ran on the wrong side of the (passable) stone wall but understood it and hit it perfectly. I did not see the opening in the hedge with the path into #118, and when I came around from the NE I ran past the flag without seeing it. Maybe 45 s?

#112 was the worst, I misread the map completely and went all the way down to the impassable fence which I started to climb before I realized that this was all wrong! Lost over a minute here.

#125 was almost certainly wrongly placed, i.e. in the spot where my track turns back, and this lead to big problems getting the path system to match up since there are several intermediate-grade paths in that forest which aren't mapped. Another 45s lost?

I ran a small detour to #103, over a marked pedestrian crossing, because I did not remember if the road just before the control was legal to cross or not.

According to the result list I was the best M60 runner, but only because Paul Lane who scored 420 (vs my 410) used two minutes too much and was penalized for that. I would have gotten 480 out of the 500 max if I hadn't misjudged my available time so badly.
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Wessex Night League (14/01/2019) Wessex Night League (14/01/2019)