Tyrving/Asker/Fossum Night Sprint 1 (03/01/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sandvika
Distance: 5.57 km
Time: 41:33
Average HR: 136
Maximum HR: 167
Several technical issues and a skipped control for the first race of 2019:

I got a new tiny headlamp for Christmas which I wanted to test, I should have done that before this race! OK route to #1, then I failed to find one of the better alternatives to #2. Tracking data indicates that you had three more or less equal alternatives here: Around the building to the right and up the stairs, or you could start the way I did, slightly right and then up the stairs but instead of going right and past #11, go straight, up one set of stair and then enter the parking area canopy. The final choice was to go up the long ramp underneath the line, cross over at the middel level and up two sets of stairs to the same finish as the second alternative. I probably lost nearly a minute here.

Towards #3 I went back through the parking area and down a circular stair case that we used for the country sprint championship half a year ago, this was shorter but not much faster than simply going NE out fo the control and then running on the street level all the way.

Halfway to #4 my head lamp started beeping, so I stopped for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what the problem was, then I just turned it down to minimum light level to make sure that I would not end up stranded without any light. This did make it much more difficult to read the map however, something which would really come back to bite me near the end of the race.

After crossing the river twice towards #5 I climbed the stairs and sidewalks on the east side of the apartment blocks. I did consider several alternatives, including taking the road on the right, avoiding both river crossings.

I lost 2:45 towards #6 on another techinical issue, but thought I ran well from then on, finding good routes to #7 & 8.

The leg to #9 was the classic left/right around the building choice, I went left because of tracks in the snow.

As my track shows I skipped #10, this was simply because I didn't see it at all with my very dim head lamp, climbing up to #11 I retraced my route via the circular stairs and the parking area bridge, here you could also take one of the otehr stairs or run all the way around the buildings.

OK routes to the final controls, lost 5-10 s on both #12 & #15 due to not spotting the control with my dim lamp.

Even after subtracting the time I lost to techinical issues (adding 20-30 sec to include #10), I would have been about 12 min behind the winner!
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Tyrving/Asker/Fossum Night Sprint 1 (03/01/2019) Tyrving/Asker/Fossum Night Sprint 1 (03/01/2019)