Ribbe og Loff (08/12/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vålerenga
Organiser: Helge Gisholt
Distance: 5.72 km
Time: 38:27
Average HR: 130
Maximum HR: 148
Nice to have this opportinity to move around a bit after spending 25 hours on the trip home from Negril, Jamaica. The change from 30C to 10 cm fresh snow in Oslo was very severe though, I used my heavy Inov-8 studded winter shoes and stayed in zone 3 (i.e. jogging tempo) the entire race.

OK to #1,2,3,4 & 5, then I failed to spot the flag on #6 and hesitated 10+ sec.

OK to #7 but when I left this control I rotated my map 90 degrees and started off in the wrong direction. It was probably better to take the route closer to the line, past the control along the railroad tracks and then back up to the control, I lost a minute here.

OK to #9, 10, 11, but to #12 I should have gone back up to the road (i.e. south), and to #13 I misread the map, thinking there was a direct opening between the two last buildings before the control. I should have taken the left side route, either up the stairs or around the way I returned towards #14.

To #14 it might have been faster to run towards #7, I had to walk the hill up to the church to keep my pulse down.

OK, to #15, 16, 17 & 18.

It was probably shorter but a bit more complicated to return to the west out of #18 and then running past #1 & #14 towards #19.
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Ribbe og Loff (08/12/2018) Ribbe og Loff (08/12/2018)