Ås by Night & Fog Cup 1 (13/11/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bjerkeskogen / Enebakk
Distance: 5.93 km
Time: 59:18
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 173
OK until the end of the race, I was leading until control 9.

I want to thank the organizer, Idar Brekke, who helped me a lot: My wife & I attends dance classes later in the evening on Tuesdays, so he allowed me to pick up a map from his home so that I could start before all the rest, just as it was getting dark! :-)

Good flow to #1, 2 & 3, then I decided to go straight to #4 even though I thought it might be faster around on the paths, and the Livelox tracking seems to corroborate this.

Good flow to #5 but I was lucky to spot the reflex marker behind quite dense spruce forest. I ran as much path as possible to #6 then I aimed a little bit north to make sure I didn't bypass the control. I ended up a little bit further north than intended but located it quickly.

The problem occured when leaving #6, due to arriving from the wrong direction I exited badly and then I managed to turn my compass direction 180 degrees for a short period before I recovered. At this point I was already so far north that I decided to take the path and hill around to the north. I had intentionally passed so close to #7 (on my way to #4) that I spotted it then, but coming from the north it was far better hidden.

Very good to #8!

OK to #9 except at the very end where I noticed the marsh and decided to check the knoll to the north first, even though I was already close enough to the control that I might have spotted it with a little luck. 30s?

Safety first to #10, aimed left and passed just under the cliff near the field. The control was located so far north that this probably did cost me a bit of time.

OK to #11, hit the small hunting tower perfectly.

My worst mistake was to the last control where I first spent some time without finding the indistinct path in the green, then bailed to the felled area. When I first approached the control I passed through the center of the circle but did not see it, it is possible that it was located slightly too far SW?

I also lost the path system to the finish so I just ran out to the ski track.

Finally I lost a minute on the finish line: When I left for the start the finish control had not been put out yet, and in the end Idar had to place it north of the small hut in order to find a spot where it was possible to push the control holder down into the ground. My track here has been stopped at the point where I first passed the indicated finish line, while my official time of just over an hour indicates when I found the punch.
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Ås by Night & Fog Cup 1 (13/11/2018) Ås by Night & Fog Cup 1 (13/11/2018)