Skumringskampen #3 (01/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Aukeåsen, Torvbråten Skole
Distance: 4.6 km
Time: 42:12
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 184
Ran this race even though I had already trained earlier in the afternoon: The weather was very nice & dry and the forecast for the next day indicated heavy rain.

Started very nicely, led the race on #1.

Misread the path system to #2, thought I was already on the major path and discovered my mistake when the path entered the logged field. Lost about 40 s.

Recovered with a very nice leg to #3, another clear split win and back in the lead (shared with Eivind Hoff, the eventual winner).

My planned route to #4 was OK but suboptimal execution, both when I missed the initial path junction and then when I cut across far too late. Trond Rønneberg (who came second in the race) beat me by nearly a minute and took over the lead.

OK to #5 & #6 where I got back in the lead again.

Leaving #6 is where I really messed up: I started to orienteer from #7 and that seemed to be OK for far too long: I hit the first big path, took it downhill for a little while and cut across towards what I believed was #8.

When I hit the next path just at the stream I thought I had confirmation that I was in the right place and ran over a number of small knolls (in the green) expecting to see the control very shortly. When I finally hit the open field I didn't understand anything! The field was overgrown enough that I thought it could be a logged area, and did not manage to recover here, so finally I got back on the big path, followed it east to the junction and started to read the sign posts. One sign point uphill to the "Water tank", so that had to be the round black spot near #6, but at this point I though I was in the junction with the open yellow just by the tank. It was only after running 100m west to the next Y split in the ski track that I finally realized where I was. Total time loss was at least 7.5 minutes!

I ran OK from this point, hit the remaining controls nicely and ended up in 6th place, 7:18 behind Eivind, i.e. I could have won this race. :-(
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Skumringskampen #3 (01/10/2018) Skumringskampen #3 (01/10/2018)