Poengjakta (30/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Borgeåsen Porsgrunn
Distance: 3.61 km
Time: 27:45
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 177
The traditional Points Race in Porsgrunn, this was the 34th instance but the first time I have taken part.

I ran in the 30-min class and got a pretty good selection of controls, but since I had over 2 min to spare on the 30-min max limit I should have started by taking the 20-point control SW of the 10-point where I started today.

The paths, particularly the small or indistinct ones, were very hard to spot in the forest, this led to a few smaller mistakes, the worst (20 sec?) was on the central 10-point path junction. Since I finished first and had the most points I won my class, but almost everyone had started in the longer 45-min class, and the top runners there managed to visit every single control.
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Poengjakta (30/09/2018) Poengjakta (30/09/2018)