OBIK P25 / NK 6 (06/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grinda
Organiser: Nydalen
Distance: 4.77 km
Time: 35:58
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 176
Mistake of the week!

Even more tired today, did not find a good route up the first half of the second leg, then OK to 3 & 4.

To #5 my old friend Gunnar Halden won the split by going straight and hitting the narrow white corridor just to the right of the line.

My route to #7 was intentionally slower than taking the big path but I wanted some variation.

Hesitated inside the green to #8 due to marginal/unmapped cliffs but kept on and hit it.

#9 was the mistake of the week/month, the first path I hit was extremely well-used (probably due to MTB'er) so I just assumed that I had already hit the ski track. I did not check the direction, just noted the slight right-hand bend as expected and ran on for far too long until I finally had to admit that I was in the wrong area and had to climb that slash-filled hillside once more. Lost 3 min here.

OK to the last control, then I managed to beat Pål Therkelsen (a friend since we were both young boys in Porsgrunn O-lag back in the end of the sixties) by enough (half a minute?) on the run-in to win the race by 2 seconds. :-)
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OBIK P25 / NK 6 (06/09/2018) OBIK P25 / NK 6 (06/09/2018)