KM Lang H60 (25/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nesodden
Distance: 5.75 km
Time: 42:58
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 186
A good race, close to perfect orienteering resulted in a clear County Championship. :-)

I won 6 of the 11 splits and was one second behind on two splits where I was was beaten only by a competitor following me:

OK to #1, very good to #2, at this point I had a half-minute lead over my club mate Sören Jonsson.

The open yellow just after #2 turned out to be pretty much impenetrable, running in the bottom of the ditch was the only option but I did bang my shin while doing this, lost 13 sec to #3 but caught Ove Martinsen who had started a minute ahead of me.

Ove followed me into #4 and beat me by 1 sec.

I dropped him towards #5 and won that split clearly, then I caught Kjell Markset (by 3 min) towards #6.

Kjell passed me into #7 and won that split.

I'm very happy with my route to #8 but here Sören was 13 sec faster, he probably executed the part just after the path a bit better.

Up to #9 Kjell closed the gap and beat me by a second for the split win.

I sprinted OK today and won both the last split and the final run-in. Kjell ended up in second place, 3:07 behind and Sören got third.
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KM Lang H60 (25/08/2018) KM Lang H60 (25/08/2018)