WMOC Long Model Event (11/07/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Grib skov
Distance: 2.94 km
Time: 24:50
Average HR: 129
Maximum HR: 142
I decided to try out this model event map directly after my M60B Middle Final run since it was on the way back to my hotel and it would allow a pure rest day before the Long A final on Friday.

Since this was a day before the official date the controls had no flags on them, just the empty punching stands which meant that they could be very hard to spot in the ground cover vegetation. Control 161 is almost certainly somewhat misplaced, a bit too far up the hillside, but the ride doesn't end where shown on the map either, instead extending further to the west.

Light green stripes can be quite bad here, classic slash from forestry work with little or no bundling of the cut down branches and small trees, and some of the rides are very hard to distinguish on the ground, i.e. like the area around 128 & 171. OTOH even medium green up from 140 to the rides leading to 78 was quite easy to pass. Compared to pure white it was close to the upper part of the 20-60% range

White forest is very nice indeed, at least as runnable as open yellow in Norway. :-)
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WMOC Long Model Event (11/07/2018) WMOC Long Model Event (11/07/2018)