WMOC Middle M60B final (11/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tisvilde Hegn
Distance: 5.22 km
Time: 32:54
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 173
Today I had to run in the B final after my horrible run yesterday, so I had just two targets:

a) Qualify for the Long A final by coming top 16 in my heat and
b) Try to run with a proper plan for all controls, hopefully avoiding any mistakes.

I was quite happy with the first control, I passed a huge old windfall halfway which proved that I was exactly on the line, then I drifted a few meters but hit it nicely.

#2 looked really difficult but I counted steps while I ran where it was easiest even though that forced me a few meters to the left, so when I got closer I turned more right and spotted the windfalls so I ran directly to the flag behind a 1 m knoll.

#3 was more of the same, I tried to make sure that if I missed the control I would be to the right so that the reentrant would lead me in, or if that failed then I would hit the path just behind. When it turned out that the reentrant was very flat indeed I ended up with plan B. When I hit the path I did not hesitate but followed it to the junction which gave a perfectly safe attack point, limiting the time loss to 30-45 s.

#5 was quite strange because I never saw the first path! That caused quite a bit of hesitation and I drifted right so that I could hit the path parallel to my course, but as I got out of the windfall area the contours showed clearly where the control had to be. 15-30 s?

I was extremely happy with #6 since that very low knoll was located in an area where unmapped windfall and brushes were both taller than the control knoll.

To #7 I first aimed for the path/ride junction, missed it by 20m but took the time to find the start of it, then when it ended I aimed left so that I would hit the main ditch and when I spotted that I saw the control a few seconds later.

#8 is the first control that I'm really unhappy with: My plan was to start along the line, then turn a little bit left as I got past the windfalls, but when I thought I was just finding a way past the first green area, I was in reality running around a bunch of windfalls and far off course. Even though I realized that I was a bit too far right I never realized by how much and my correction was too small, so I passed the ditch end by ~30 m and hit the next ditch, where I immediately spottet a flag at the end. Running towards this I saw the branch pointing north, so I should have recovered here at the latest but now I ended up with a miss of nearly 2 min.

The two sand dune controls were quite easy but extremely strenous due to deep, soft white sand everywhere, starting halfway to the beach and ending halfway to the path junction before #11.

My plan to #11 was to aim for the west end of the long depression, this avoided all the green and made the control almost 100 m long.

#12 was the last totally flat leg, even though I was running with a big plate compass I didn't manage to keep proper direction but stopped when I had gone far enough, then turned east since that was the only way to recover, and that lead me straight into the control. Even with a 45-60 s miss here I am very satisfied with my distance estimation and how I recovered.

Very good direction to #13, took the time needed to verify exactly where I passed the diagonal path and hit it nicely.

Following the safety first principle I intended to take the path route to #14 around the light green, but when I got there the hillside looked very nice indeed and quite runnable so I went straight. I did make a 10 m detour to check the code of another dry ditch control by the vegetation boundary, but that was just 5 s or so.

I ended up in 5th place, 1:23 behind the winner so at least in the B final my running speed was OK, and my orienteering was significantly better even if still well below my normal Norway/Sweden form.
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Tibor: Well done Terje !
Your disciplined orienteering paid well off. It is not often that one need to be so cautious like you were that day and needing a solid plan-B to avoid disaster.
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WMOC Middle M60B final (11/07/2018) WMOC Middle M60B final (11/07/2018)