MWOC Model Event (09/07/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tisvilde Hegn
Distance: 5.06 km
Time: 51:13
My first time ever in a Sjælland forest so I had to check out the mapping for the Forest Q tomorrow.

I started by doing 254, 213, 179 as suggested by the organizers but at this point I realized that even though we started relatively early (10:25) there had already been so many people doin gthe same run that their tracks made the orienteering almost irrelevant so I spent the rest of the run checking the mapping and picking the controls from alternate directions.

The dark green hedge symbols are largish individual fallen trees. The open green stripes east of the 253-248 leg and west of 174 consists of very sticky raspberry bushes which means that it will save you a lot of time if you pick up a track from earlier starters!

I have checked some of the contour drawing against raw contours I generated myself based on a download of open LAZ files, they look mostly like automatically smoothed contours without a lot of surveyor input, at least not in this part of the terrain.
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MWOC Model Event (09/07/2018) MWOC Model Event (09/07/2018)