Veritas Sommerløp (04/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Linderudkollen
Distance: 4.88 km
Time: 37:45
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 173
Another good race, no major mistakes:

1) Ole Kjell Langmyren beat me to the first control but he is a fast runner and it was only 3 s.

2) I probably lost a few seconds in the start of this leg by going stright down where I found an opening because I ended up a bit too far north. Starting south and hitting the ski track would have been better. Due to strong running up the hill I still won the split and took over the lead which I then kept to the end.

3) Another really tough uphill leg and another split win.

4) I thought I ran really well here but Ole was 2 s faster on this downhill run.

5) Good route and execution, a clear split win.

6) Yet another really steep leg and another split win. At this point I was leading by over 2 min.

7) I thought I ran well here also, but this was downhill and I ran partly on an unmapped path between the two mapped ones, this caused some hesitation. I'm still really impressed by Ole who was 39 s faster!

8) I had to walk a few steps up to this control, Morten Fismen was 13 s faster.

9) Here I found an optimal route and won this even though it was mostly downhill and easy running.

10) I hesitated a little bit into this one, but surprised that Kimme Arnesen managed to beat me by 18 s.

11) Here the map is wrong:There is a big (nearly 2m tall) boulder cluster 30 m before the control which had obvious signs that it had been used as a control placement previously (i.e. logs leaning up and over to hang the flag from) but the control was probably in the center of the circle where there is a big single boulder, i.e. not a black triangle cluster. Lost 22 s to Kimme here, and then he beat me by a single second to the finish line.

In the end I won the course by 1:25.
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Veritas Sommerløp  (04/07/2018) Veritas Sommerløp  (04/07/2018)