O-Festivalen Mellom H60 (24/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skytterkollen
Distance: 3.59 km
Time: 26:02
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 174
One silly mistake, otherwise nearly perfect:

The plan was to take the path part of the way to #1 but when I started there was a nice track along the compass direction. I hesitated a little bit in the logged area and hit the cliff just on the high edge. Second-best split, 8 s after Arve Glittum.

Up to the open areas and locate the path bend, then a compass direction slightly modified to find the best route through the old planted spruce. Same speed as Arve but we were both 9 s behind Jack Bjørnsen who had made a serius mistake to #1.

Yet another second-best split to #3, this one just one second behind Jörgen Ivarsson who won on Friday.

To #4 I was very careful, tried to stay just above the black details. Both Arve and Harald Thon beat me here.

#5 started steeply uphill so I knew I had a chance to gain some time, won this split clearly and took over the lead in the competition. I intentionally ran directly over the top of the hill in order to minimize any possibility to miss the control.

This was the beginning of a very good period, I won all the next splits so on #8 I was 2:45 in front of Jörgen who had Jon Arvid Fossum and Jack close behind.

Control #9 is where I messed up, I had a course from the path junction but as I approached the hilltop I saw clearly that the open area went on further SE so I changed direction slightly and just avoided seeing the flag. Here I lost 1:31 to Harald who won this split.

I lost a few seconds on #10 and #11 because I was insecure and did a lot more map reading than normal, then I shared the split win to #12 with Jack & Arve and ran OK to the last controls. This was the final order among us as well.

In the end I won this race by 2:15, it should have been 3:45. It was really stupid to ignore both my compass and the contour details when I approached #9!
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O-Festivalen Mellom H60 (24/06/2018) O-Festivalen Mellom H60 (24/06/2018)