O-Festivalen Sprint H60 (22/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fornebu
Distance: 2.5 km
Time: 12:23
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 171
One of my better sprint races, even though this was almost completely a pure running test.

I started 1.5 hours early, due to a birthday celebration that I had been invited to which collided with the race time. This also allowed me to use my race as a proper check run of the course.

Halfway to the second control I spotted something on my printed race map that I didn't like, so as leader of the Norwegian Mapping Commission I turned back to the start to discuss this with the race leader who had just sent me off. We decided that everything was OK and I restarted my race, but this time I intentionally took the wrong (left) route to #2 so that I would be sure I didn't gain any unfair advantage from my restart.

In the end I was #4, 18 seconds behind the winner, Jörgen Ivarsson, but only 4 sec behind second-place finisher Arve Glittum.

After the second control there was no proper route choices, just a lot of running.

My only real problem was finding the finish since the route hadn't been marked yet!

I lost 10 sec to the best split here and both Arve and Frode Bergersen who came third passed me during the run-in!

(Due to my early start the split times shown on the result page are all estimated, I'm comparing my splits printout with the official times for the other guys.)
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O-Festivalen Sprint H60 (22/06/2018) O-Festivalen Sprint H60 (22/06/2018)