OBIK P14 (19/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tokerud
Distance: 4.4 km
Time: 38:06
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 158
My legs were really tired after the tough Jukola weekend but I'm feeling a lot better now after this nice but hilly run:

Straight on to #1, then I made an unplanned detour to #2 and lost 24 sec to Gunnar Halden who had the best split.

Knut Anders Løken usually tries to sprint a few legs on each course, here he did that to #3 and beat me by 26 (!) sec on this very short leg.

THe climb up the hill to #4 was were I really noticed how tired I was, I lost 5 sec to Richard Zeiner-Gundersen, but that was partly because the flag had been placed too far down in the reentrant. My track here shows where it really was, and that I stopped alongside and was surprised to see the flag.

Good flow to #5, OK to #6 and then I won the split to #7 by over a minute.

As my track shows I started out on a perfect course to #8 but past the path the open areas had changed significantly since the map was new and I veered left. Lost 17 sec to the best split (once again Knut Anders).

OK routes and execution to the last three controls but my time to the finish was quite bad, the right-hand path was far more runnable according to the course planner.

Won the course by 5+ minutes due to better consistency than the rest of the guys and no serious mistakes. This was very nice after my bad experience at Jukola where I never figured out a good way to navigate in the negative contour areas.
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Løken: Takk for at jeg blir nevnt - men etter en helt ubegripelig 12 minutters bom til 2 (Bård Natvig fant posten for meg) var jeg helt uthvilt foran den korte spurten til 3.
Terje Mathisen : 12 minutter når posten ligger minder enn 50 m fra et felt med boligblokker er ganske ubegripelig ja! :-(
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OBIK P14 (19/06/2018) OBIK P14 (19/06/2018)