Jukola 4th leg (16/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hollola
Leg: 4
Distance: 10.77 km
Time: 85:59
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 165
My worst Jukola ever?

As the oldest guy on the Nydalens SK Old Boys team (average age about 54.5) I got the shortest leg, nr 4 which was 8.8 km.

This was supposed to be a dawn leg but because my team was (as expected) a long time behind the leaders, I could leave my head lamp in the tent and run while the sun was rising.

I considered going around the first green-spotted logged area, but due to the elephant trails from previous runners I decided to just take the shortest route through to the NW corner and hit the path system there, then I took a compass course from the path juntion.

About 50 m before the control I started to worry about the contour drawing which I didn't understand properly (a recurring problem this morning), and turned left where I spotted another control, checked that and used it to relocate. Lost 30-40 s.

I had seen on the tracking that the leaders had been able to run the south side path in about the same time as the direct route, so I did the same and it worked well to #2.

I had forking E to #5, left the depression line a little bit early but realized that and hit it well.
By the road crossing there was a drinks station which I ran through and used as a waypoint, then I climbed up to the sharp knoll between the G and H control, but after hitting H I again couldn't make head or tails of the contour drawing: Both the H knoll and my control are shown as simple form lines on top of a large flat area, the reality is very different and the control spur was located 8+ m higher than the area below it. I lost 3+ min here.

Now I was just going out to the TV control but here I read the map as if the control was located on a hilltop instead of a huge depression. Another 2+ min gone.

OK to #6 and to the circle of #7 but here I stopped and checked the hill behind me since the control was located very deep indeed.

Ran correctly to #9, then I lost a couple of minutes on #10 before the huge mistake (5+ min?) on 11 where I still don't understand how they have drawn the area.

I ran OK to #12, 13, 14 15 but then I missed another minute before the final control and change-over.

I used almost 10 min/km including nearly 15 min of mistakes!
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Jukola 4th leg (16/06/2018) Jukola 4th leg (16/06/2018)