OBIK P12 (12/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lathusåsen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.75 km
Time: 38:39
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 162
I am starting to get into reasonable running shape but I still have to concentrate to avoid mistakes. This will be crucial in a few days on the 4th leg of Jukola!

I started well, very good direction to #1, but when I spotted the control (a dot knoll) from about 15 m away, there was no flag there so I stopped and started reading the map to recover before I determined that I had to be in the right spot. It turned out that the flag and punch had been hung high above ground into the lower branches of a spruce and I never looked there. Lost 10-15 s.

Very good flow and route to #2.

I hesitated a bit into #3, the exact control placement was very hard to determine in the terrain (diffuse detail and very dense vegetation).

Good to #4.

#5 was located in an area where I have had problems before and I managed to mess up again, lost 50 s.

Good to #6, I found a new MTB path for the last 100m in the logged area,

OK to #7

Very good direction towards #8, I never found the indistinct path into the control but ran on direction and contours. Lost 5-10 s again because I could not see the flag which hung on the back side of a large pine.

#9 is where I decided to increase the tempo and try to run as fast as possible, with the result that I stopped one knoll too soon and started searching. Lost 1.5 min (!) here.

I tried to restart after this debacle and ran a good route to #10.

There was a path (MTB?) going south out of #10 so I followed that, then I ran a very nice compass direction but lost 15-20 s because I misread the contours inside the control circle.

The shortcut down to #12 was a mistake, the stony ground was also covered with man-high vegetation so I got a bit stuck there.

In the end I won H60 by 5.5 min and the course by 4.5 so the rest of the people on this course must have had even more trouble than me.
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Bjørn Sverre Gulheim :

Herlig å se deg løpe i skogen Terje, en fryd å bli tatt igjen. Du om som en "fjellgeit" ned til P10 og forsvant ... :) Keep it gooing og lykke til i Jokula...
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OBIK P12 (12/06/2018) OBIK P12 (12/06/2018)