OBIK P8 / AB2 (29/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skriverberget
Organiser: Haslum
Distance: 5.13 km
Time: 44:22
About 30 degrees hot, I wilted after hitting the logged areas after the 2nd control:

Very good to #1 & #2, high speed and perfect orienteering.

The open yellow uphill to #3 was convered with nearly man-high bush, locking in the heat from the sun, then the forest was a lot denser than expected when I left the path, but I should have had a compass direction as well. Lost 40 sec.

The map around #4 is quite bad, with serious cliffs missing and the control cliff was probably very close to the SE edge of the circle.

I now believe that the somewhat misplaced #4 caused me to also miss #5, i.e. I was lower in the hillside than the course indicated, so when I turned left to find the dotted blue line marsh I instead ended up too low and too far north. I should have used my compass here as well! Over 2 min lost.

Managed to concentrate for the next few controls, 6-9, but after hitting the path system to #10 I mentally relaxed and ended up on the wrong path in the overgrown logged area and lost another 40+ seconds.

It is really amazing how much the bushy vegetation has grown over the last year or two, this map was new in 2017 but it already needs serious updates for most of the logged areas!
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tophat jr : Always interesting to see your route-choices, largely due to the comments you write. Regardless if the route-choice including its execution is optimal or not, there is always something to learn. This time, "use your compass" (not very original, but still). This is the classic dilemma for many Norwegians, most terrains and courses in Norway you can master almost completely and perfectly without usign the compass. However, sometimes it can be helpful, therefore it should always be used. Regarding, bushy terrain, I'm not surprised, after all Burudvann is (in-)famous, and this spring everything with green leaves has exploded.
Terje Mathisen : You are absolutely correct in your comments. I have now made my own map of the area just to verify the map around #3, 4 & 5, and I must admit that it looks a lot better than what I expected, i.e. the contours are quite good, but the cliffs and boulders around #4 are more problematic.

My final error on the path system towards #10 was almost certainly caused by having the straight-line path completely overgrown since last year, almost all the runners who have uploaded their tracking show at least a small blip where they end up on the wrong path like me and then have to recover. Most do so more quickly than what I did but some end up with a big detour.
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OBIK P8 / AB2 (29/05/2018) OBIK P8 / AB2 (29/05/2018)