KM Sprint Oslo Akershus (15/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Distance: 3.28 km
Time: 20:39
What a diff'rence a day (or two) makes! I complained that Østfold's Sprint championship on Sunday was somewhat boring; today Tyrving provided world class sprint terrain, mapping and course setting. :-)

We got an easy start to the first three controls, just enough to make us believe that this was going to be a doddle, but then the stairs and elevation differences made me mess up to #4 where I should have gone around the final hill on the left, or I could have passed #6 and gone up the other set of stair before going right around the hill. I probably lost 10-15 sec here.

Transport to #5 & #6, then #7 was a classic trap that had to be entered from the left/west side. I hesitated a bit in the main intersection before I realized this.

To #8 the shortest routes were blocked on our race maps, my route was the shortest available, it was also the first split time I won.

The PM to runners had shown the garage area halfway to #9, I passed it as previously planned and got another split win, this time by over 10 seconds.

I hesitated a bit towards #10, trying to figure out exactly which corner the control was located in, but it turned out to be immediately visible as I came around the building.

Going back to #11 was by far my worst split, I started by going too far over the bridge level before I realized that the control had to be on a lower level. I then found the stairs but left them one floor too high up and had to go back and try again. It would have been far faster to simply go back past #9 and around the corner, with zero stairs to pass! I was 40 sec behind here but a perfect route would probably have been another 15-20 s faster than this as well.

I hesitated a little bit to #12 and the same to #13 where I considered going back underneath the railroad tracks but I think my route was OK.

I was second-best on all the remaining split times, after Nils Hæstad who won (as usual this year), dropping a total of 9 more seconds so I ended up 1:06 behind him in second place overall as well.

It is likely that I would have run a bit faster if I hadn't just spent 40+ minutes up in the steep scree slopes of Eineåsen on an OBIK race, but I doubt that I could have matched Nils anyway.
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KM Sprint Oslo Akershus (15/05/2018) KM Sprint Oslo Akershus (15/05/2018)