Østfold KM Sprint H50 (13/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gimle
Distance: 2.92 km
Time: 13:57
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 175
While spending a long weekend at our summer home in Hvaler my son & I took part in the Østfold county sprint championship in Halden.

The H50 course (which we shared with the 15-16 year olds) was unfortunately very dull indeed, with very few interesting route choices. The uphill slog to #1 was spent looking at the next controls, it was quite obvious that although the left route to #2 was about the same length as the one I took, it would have entailed a lot more climb.

After transport down to #3 I had decided that going left to #4 was nearly the same distance as my right-hand route, but it required a lot more climb. From comparing split times it seems like my route was 5-10 s faster.

To #5 I could also have gone left but that route was longer than the dead simple one via #6.

The last route choice was to the last control where I decided to skip back to the road instead of taking a chance on the white forest further in, this might have been a few seconds slower.

In the end I was about half a minute behind the winner (after leading on #2), this was definitely far more than I could have made up even with a perfect race, so I really need to become significantly faster before the MWOC in Denmark this summer.
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Østfold KM Sprint H50 (13/05/2018) Østfold KM Sprint H50 (13/05/2018)