Oslo City Cup Finale (08/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ellingsrud
Distance: 3.48 km
Time: 19:07
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 177
Maximum pollen allergy load today so my running shape was bad but mostly OK orienteering.

OK start to 1 & 2, then I stood still for a couple of seconds before I decided to go down/left to #3. The very fit youngsters on the same course seems to have gained a few seconds by running back over the top of the hill but I think my route was OK.

Easy 4 to 12, no real challenges.

There was a lot of slash down the hill from #12 so it might have been faster to take the right-hand route even though it was longer.

Going left to 14 might have been a second or two faster but probably pretty much a wash.

I almost ran up the wrong road to #15, thinking that the contour line between two building was an opening in the OoB gaden area. Lost less than 5 sec here.

Did a similar hesitation to #16 but this time I should have kept on and taken a right-hand route since the control was close to the NW end of the clearing.

To the last control it was definitely a couple of seconds faster to go left, so in total less than half a minute in time losses.
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Oslo City Cup Finale (08/05/2018) Oslo City Cup Finale (08/05/2018)