Geoform (02/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grinda
Distance: 4.66 km
Time: 35:42
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 168
Lost 20 sec on the first control when I couldn't find the EMIT unit: It was hidden inside the flag on most controls!

OK to #2, then I hesitated towards #3 when it felt like it was too far, but the tracking seems OK.

#4 should have been approached from the top, even though most cliff controls are far easier from below: The rocky ground underneath had additionally been covered with lots and lots of slash, making it nearly impassable.

OK to 5-6-7.

Bad direction to #8 but recovered without stopping so just a few seconds lost.

Good flow to 9-12.

#13 was the big miss today, I had good direction but failed to spot the control behind some vegetation and lost about 70 sec. According to the tracking it is possible that the flag was located slightly too far north.

The road route to #14 was just to get rid of the irritation, then I should have gone left around the double ridge to #15.

Slightly too far east to #16.

I considered taking the road to the finish but decided to push on straight through the bush, I might have lost 5-10 sec here.
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Geoform (02/05/2018) Geoform (02/05/2018)