Oslo City Cup #3 (17/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ormsund
Organiser: Bækkelaget
Distance: 3.78 km
Time: 22:42
I started very early, before the first official start time because it got very cold on the dock side where the start area was located.

Ran left to #1 after an extremely steep run up the stairs to the start triangle, used the running to study the next legs.

OK to #2 & #3 but I lost a few seconds when I failed to spot #3, and this flustered me enough that I left the control in the wrong direction losing 2-3 more seconds towards #4.

Up the hill to #5 was the first real mistake, it was almost certainly faster to run most of the hillside on the path, then cut across the white forest.

Leaving #5 I changed my mind twice (!), intending to go right, then thinking left was sufficiently shorter, but then turning back and taking the right route anyway. This was the best option but I lost at least 5 seconds in the beginning.

Crossing the bridge to #7 I met lots of runners walking to the start, this seemed to disturb me because I ran the wrong way across the parking lot (10+ seconds) and then when I hit the control I knew that I was supposed to keep due east towards #9, but when I glanced at my map as I was rounding the building I started to follow the line towards #12 instead. :-(

This mistake cost me 80-90 seconds, which is an infinity on a sprint race.

Leaving #9 I ran south a few seconds before I realized that there was no exit from the garden in that direction, another 10 s lost, and between #10 & #11 I ran too far and then I also failed to see the control underneath the canopy.

At this point I finally managed to concentrate and finished the rest of the controls OK.

Good: All my route choices were OK.

Bad: Way too many, both large and small, mistakes. :-(
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Oslo City Cup #3 (17/04/2018) Oslo City Cup #3 (17/04/2018)