Larvik vårløp (postponed due to snow) (08/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rakke
Organiser: Larvik OK
Distance: 4.04 km
Time: 26:32
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 181
Quite happy with this race, I was either best or second-best on almost all the split times, alternating with the winner, Arve Glittum. He was faster on most of them and ended up beating me by 1:49 but I was over 4 minutes in front of the rest of the runners on this course.

Perfect route to #1 but some hesitation in the green areas where it was very hard to determine where the paths went, 23 s behind Arve.

Good route to #2, the most difficult control today, I gained back 14 s.

Good flow to #3, lost another 7 seconds, then I retrieved 3 of them to #4.

To #5 both Arve & I were 8-9 s behind Rune Laurantes who probably went more directly to the path.

I misread the map to #6, wasn't sure if the cliff would face east or west and passed the control. Lost 20+ s.

Good flow to #7, Arve passed the fields on the south side of the ditch and beat me by 3 s.

We ran identical routes to #8, I was 1 s faster,

The same thing happened to #9 but here the orienteering was even easier and Arve's higher pure running speed gave him 6 s.

My route to #10 was my worst mistake today, instead of crossing the first big hill I should have taken the path NE to the next junction and then corssed the much lower hill back to the route I took, Arve beat me by 52 s here, so my route was at least 45 s slower.

Even without the miss on #6 and the bad route to #10 I would have been at least half a minute behind Arve.
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Larvik vårløp (postponed due to snow) (08/04/2018) Larvik vårløp (postponed due to snow) (08/04/2018)