Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Canyon Cove, Phillipines
Distance: 1.09 km
Time: 10:15
This is my check run this morning for the sprint event I organized as part of the company gathering in the Philippines. I actually messed up the order of the controls, visiting 1-2-8-3-7-6 before I realized that I had to take them in the regular order.

The temperature was about 28 C both in the air and in the water (pool and ocean), the fastest team finished in 8:19 which was nearly two minutes faster than my own time speed-walking around the course.

In two more days I'm going home to Oslo where it is currently -3 and about half a meter more snow than when we left a week ago.
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tophat jr : Nice map and course, brother, bet the event organization including the time-keeping was fine, too ;) How many participants/teams?
Terje Mathisen : I used my favorite method for zero orienteering hardware events like this:

I had no control markers, so the competitors had to make sure they were in the right spot.

Each team was told to bring at least one cell phone, and that they should take a selfie of the team in front of each of the control locations as well as the start and finish. When they returned they just showed me the images and then I inspected the details for the first and last which gave me start and finish times to the nearest second.

We had 6 teams, each with about 5 people and I had printed enough maps so that they could discuss where they were and where to go.

BTW, I did try to make a custom sprint map based on LiDAR and OpenStreetMap data, but the Philippines LiDAR server has been offline since Dec 7 while they are updating everything, so I had to settle for georeferencing the regular hotel map image.
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Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018) Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018)