Veritas Night (08/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rikshositalet
Distance: 6.14 km
Time: 45:32
Another Wednesday night race, this was a combination of classic urban sprint and forest with patches of really dense vegetation.

OK to #1, ran too far on the slightly downhill path towards #2 and lost30-40 s, then OK to #3 & 4.

Another direction mistake to #5 (15-20 s), good flow to #6 & 7.

The route to #8 was either left or right, the distance was pretty close to identical but I believe my route was flatter.

OK route to #9 & 10 but I had to take a suboptimal route to #11 and lost about 2 min.

I intended to go right to #12 but missed the start and ran left instead, this was probably 5-10 s slower.

OK to #13 & 14, then another left/right route choice to #1|5 where I again selected the flat route.

OK to #16, then I stopped 5-10 m before #17 without seeing it.

Very nice to #18, left the path in just the right spot.

At this point I took a mental break (I was nearly done!) and made a stupid parallel mistake when I hit the path leading NNE, believing this was the one going due north. I passed a relatively open knoll and expected to hit the dense green around the control but I just kept going and by pure luck stumbled across the last control! At this point I just took a bearing back to #19, found it quickly and then reversed my course through the very dense brush back to #20. I lost at least 2.5 minutes to 19 but gained back 30-60 s going back to 20 where I beat everyone else.

Total time loss was about 5 min which is far too much. :-(
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Veritas Night (08/11/2017) Veritas Night (08/11/2017)